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Novel Target and First in Class Monoclonal Antibody to Treat Cancer and Fibrotic Diseases

Most people know of someone affected by cancer, and the statistics seem to rise daily. Now more than ever, is it vital for today's innovative minds to discover a better treatment. Located in Houston, Texas, PanaMab believes we have built a solid foundation to conduct cancer research centered on monoclonal antibodies that imitate the ones your immune system produces naturally in response to cancer cells.

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Advantages of Antibodies

When this molecule is attacked to cancer cells, it can make them more visible to the immune system, block extra receptors that signal growth of cancerous cells, and prevent creating a blood supply to the tumor. Monoclonal antibodies also enable doctors to directly deliver radiation or chemotherapy to these infected cells.

Financial Assistance Needed

It takes more than 10 years and millions and millions of dollars to develop a medicine. With initial capital, we plan to conduct studies on animals first to ensure the treatment is safe before running human trials. Regulations require us to perform the research one phase at a time. Our company needs funding support for each phase of the process. This will allow us to move forward in testing the compounds and determining if they cure cancer and possibly other deadly diseases.